How do you feel about your social media profile picture? Is it attractive? Or are you hiding behind a picture of your pet? A ropey picture of you on the beach last summer? Your children?

Many people are asking me to create their avatar – that one profile photo which everyone will interact with on their social media or headshot portrait. It makes sense, because that’s a very important photo. In 40 milliseconds, 90% of their opinion of you will be formed from that photo, compared to 10% from the text! These days it’s the one part of your image that will constantly be seen, and determines the impression you make on other people.

Fifteen years ago I embarked on this wonderful journey to become a photographer. I’m so lucky that on my journey I’ve been able to see so many visionary places and amazing people. Because I’m a little quirky, and I’m pretty comfortable with the whole gamut of emotions, people feel able to relax with me so I can capture their best and most authentic self in a photograph.

A-list actors, comedians, business people and entrepreneurs have invited me to create portraits for them. For some, it’s about creating one iconic profile picture. For others it’s about creating a story of many images that communicate their brand in an exciting and inspiring way. I find ways to flatter your body and face, and I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to relax clients. The key, I believe, is to make you look stunning without looking as if you’re trying too hard. I love working with my clients to communicate your vision and bring ideal clients and opportunities to you.

The difference that a good profile picture can make is immeasurable. Because of that, I now mainly focus my work on personal branding photography.

Are you ready to have a profile photo that you love? If so, let’s find a time to chat and I can tell you about my special introductory offer.  Here is a link to my call calendar. Click here and find a time that suits you.

Fiona x”