Holly and Tom got engaged!

Category : Photography, Various, Wedding · (7) Comments October 29, 2016

Loved photographing the brilliant Holly and Tom at the Barbican. Holly works in the NHS, and Tom is a doctor specialising in anaesthesia and trauma injuries. So, both courageous people then! They met at Oxford, and have been together ever since. Now they live in Islington, just down the road from me.

It poured with rain but they were not deterred, and we had a fantastic time creating these pictures. There was a short interlude where the umbrella went for a swim in one of the fountains, but luckily the Barbican has lots of shelter so we were able to create all the photos we needed without getting overly wet.

I love these photos. The Barbican gives them a wonderful sculptural structure, and the Autumn colours work well with Holly and Tom’s outfits. Holly has the most amazing hair! A beautiful couple and tremendous fun, and we are neighbours, so hopefully they are keepers. I love it when my subjects become my friends.

Holly and Tom are getting married at the Connaught at the end of March, and I’m greatly looking forward to photographing their wedding. The Connaught is an interesting place to photograph, because it is very stylish but has fairly dull light so I will create the light, using my box of tricks. Can’t wait!


(7) comments

Kate @ Buttercup Bus
3 years ago · Reply

Gorgeous photos! You’ve really captured them and made the photos suit them perfectly!

Kate @ Buttercup Bus
3 years ago · Reply

Gorgeous photos! You’ve really captured them and made the photos suit them perfectly! Love the colours throughout all the photos. Stunning.

3 years ago · Reply

Thank you Kate! It was really fun to work with them.

11 months ago · Reply

Thanks for your thshoutg. It’s helped me a lot.

vollkasko rechner at
10 months ago · Reply

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10 months ago · Reply

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