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DSCN106324Wheee! Here I am!

Squealings, smiling,

I happy am!


They arrive.

Powerful, curving, arching

Peerless predators flanking our boat.


Back on my tail, come with me, come with us,

we had some fish. Wheee!

Curving through the water, swish,

Come with meee. Let’s have fun!

Hello, you, I love you, kiss!

Bubbles, wash, swish,

It’s easy! Hey! Hoooo! Rakatakataka! Preeep!


Work hard, play hard, play and work at the same time, why stress?

you come with me… we are playing…


DSCN10458DSCN105913copy DSCN10416 DSCN10342editedDSCN106317-copyb DSCN1037_F1



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