From Madeira, with love…

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Phew! Life has been fun, but crazy of late. Just back from a fantastic trip to the gorgeous isle of Madeira, where I was researching for a story for a certain magazine, photographing landscapes for the tourist office and swimming with these little guys! Well, big guys. They weigh about 180 pounds. And they are so HAPPY. More on that later.

It’s also booking season in the wedding department, and I’m loving hearing all the wonderful stories of this year’s brides and their plans. Feeling very privileged.

Here are some dolphins from a series that I am working on at the moment. The two on the right kissed just moments before, and did seem to be a couple. (Maybe they need a wedding photographer? The wedding of Flipper and Fallula?)

If you are booking your wedding photographer, I only have a few slots left so don’t dally. I photograph up to around 12 weddings a year, and the rest of my time is spent as a travel writer and photographer. It means I can keep my eye fresh and inspired. Working in the wedding industry and working in the media are two very different experiences, and I find that they balance each other out nicely.




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