Vera Wang wow! Or, a wedding photographer’s guide to what to wear to your wedding…

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Good morning! It is ‘something borrowed’ day here on the blog and I just had to share with you the Style Me Pretty spring 2015 lookbook. Lots of beautiful wispy dresses from Vera Wang this year. So wearable and fabulous. I can’t wait to see what my brides will be wearing in 2015.

I fell in love with wedding dresses at an early age, when a family friend glided down the aisle with a vast train in a Medieval church. Suddenly I realised the drama of a wedding. As a wedding photographer I have worked with many dress designers in London and beyond – carrying dresses even as far as Cambodia – and I’ve come to have a high respect for their talent. Wedding dresses have a magic to them – something almost otherworldly. Jacqueline Byrne‘s work is another that awe-inspires me for the sumptuous detail of it.

For me photographing women is about celebrating their beauty and their uniqueness. I love fashion but I hate it when the industry seems to mainly exist to put some women on a pedestal and make others feel inferior.  I believe that nature is so beautiful, so as long as we are natural we almost cannot fail to be beautiful.

Choosing a wedding dress is, I think, all about choosing the right one for your wedding. It would be a bit odd to have a huge flouncy dress and get married in the garden, but there’s no point (in my mind) getting married in a Disney castle in an understated dress. And of course you’ve got to choose one that suits your figure. Those strapless numbers are hard to pull off, though of course a good photographer will be able to make it look good in the pictures.

How has your experience of buying a wedding dress been? Is there a boutique that gave you a magical dress? I’d really love it if you commented below, let’s celebrate those wedding dress shops that really make the brides that come through their door feel good.



StyleMePretty | Lookbook.

(6) comments

3 years ago · Reply

Love, love, loving the Vera Wang… trying to find the right one for my wedding!

3 years ago · Reply

Belinda, the right Vera Wang?

A beautifully written piece, Fiona – you’re spot on. I bought my dress from Stephanie Allin at her boutique in Chiltern Street W1 and was blown away by her fantastic service. It was a really positive experience for me… There’s more about my dress and my wedding on my blog if you care to have more of a read 🙂

3 years ago · Reply

Karen that’s great to know!

3 years ago · Reply

So well said, your wedding dress should be one you want to wear and look and feel good in not what you think you should wear because it’s the thing to do; as with so many decisions to be made for your wedding day don’t be guided by expectations but you’re own loves and passions.

3 years ago · Reply

Andri, you always give such great wedding advice!

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