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Above: make up artist Siwan Hill

dress designer: Jacqueline Byrne

Balancing the needs of bridal preparations, ceremony, speeches and wedding breakfast into a timeline is not always easy. But without it you won’t get the most out of your day. A good timeline will help you get the most out of your day and allow your photographer to really flourish. Here are some tips.

If a couple are interested, I will always recommend having a First Look. It’s a really fun new tradition from the States which allows the couple to meet privately before the ceremony in their wedding clothes. It takes the pressure off the ceremony and shortens the time that you spend on photos during the day so that you can spend more time partying with your guests. Awesomity.

A good time to do family group portraits is during the bridal preparation in the morning. You are all looking fresh and it means you can have more time with your friends later on. I would normally hope to photograph the venue and details first, then the groom, then the bride. This means I can then be in good time for the ceremony and focus on capturing events as they unfold.

Spectacular light makes for spectacular photos. The best light for photography is of course before 11 and after 3, so aim to have your most important photography moments before or after that. Of course, the light will be good in different places at different times, so check with your photographer.

Make up artists are best given plenty of time. A well experienced one will work to a timetable but they do often run late so to be on the safe side arrange for the bride to be made up first. That way you can relax with a little nerve steadier while they rush through the last bridesmaid. It also gives your photographer time to get to the ceremony before you and capture those special moments as everyone arrives.

Finally as many people will tell you, let go. You can find yourself with such a dose of nerves that you rush through everything. Try and stick to the schedule, but accept that weddings are unpredictable. If you relax and go with the flow you will find that you have a more wonderful day than you could have imagined.


(5) comments

Sarah Morris
3 years ago · Reply

What a refreshing read! I have read so many articles telling you what shots you MUST have, they fail to focus on the really important things…like…er LIGHT!!! Great post Fiona a brilliant read (nice shot also!!)

    3 years ago · Reply

    Yeah, it’s a tricky one because on the one hand a great photographer will be able to work with any light, but on the other hand photography is all about light, so arguably the better the light you give your photographer, the better the images your photographer will give you. It’s not something to worry about, but it is worth factoring in to your time line so that you don’t end up with your wedding portraits at noon.

3 years ago · Reply

great post! I think it’s so important to educate brides on how to get the best from their wedding photos, before the wedding.

    3 years ago · Reply

    Thanks Michelle! Yes, I do think it’s mainly about booking the right photographer in the first place… But there are little things brides can do to help, such as timing obviously, and just being supportive of the photographer. Mainly I think it’s about trusting your photographer to do their job, saying yes to ideas, giving them enough time…

    11 months ago · Reply

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