The Ten Commandments of Wedding Photography

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Ten rules to run your wedding photography business by, and ten things to look out for when choosing a wedding photographer.  Let’s eradicate shoddy wedding photography!

1. Thou shalt dress appropriately and treat every wedding thou photographeth as an important, special event. Thou shalt be ‘present’ emotionally at the wedding so that you can capture it for posterity, bearing in mind that these photographs will play a part in the happiness of a new family because they bear witness to a love.

2. Thou shalt have wedding insurance, and check that it hath professional indemnity. Thou shalt get thy gear serviced at least once a year.

3. Thou shalt not have a dodgy car that breaks down all the time. Thou shalt get a reliable car and have thy car serviced regularly so that it doth not break down, and allow ample time to get to thy destination. If thy job is more than ninety minutes from home, get thee to a hotel. Weddings are exhausting if you are shooting them properly, and thou needs thy rest.

4. Thou shalt prepare properly before every wedding. Clean thy lenses, know thy timings, check thy locations, check where thou canst park and that the sat navigation system actually takes you to the right spot. Fill that car right up.

5. Thou shalt have enough batteries and memory cards, and charge and format them before every wedding. Thou shalt keep thy memory cards safe and double back them thy images up.

6.  Thou shalt not murder thy images when editing them. Thou shalt recalibrate thy computer every 6 weeks so that the colours are true and thy images are not actually printing green.Thou shalt not over edit them, excessively sharpen them, allow colour casts or have excessive numbers of similars or any other crime against retouching.

7. Thou shalt have more than 1 flash. And thou shalt know what to do with it.

8. Thou shalt know thy camera and expose thy images correctly without camera shake, burning out or poor focus. Thou shalt have a suitable camera

9. Thou shalt not over do it. Limit the number of weddings thou dost to a sensible number, so that thou dost not collapse with exhaustion, thereby being unable to do a good job for each client. Then thou shalt not go about forgetting bride and groom’s names, as some photographers are wont to do.

10. Thou shalt train continually so that thou’st always improving, since there is always something to learn as a photographer.

And this one from a male colleague!

11. Thou shalt not covet thy bridesmaids (or groomsman).

12. To book thy photoshoot, contact Fiona on 07977 538424 or


(21) comments

3 years ago · Reply

Haha brilliant Fiona! Although I feel bad about number 7…. 🙁

    Fiona Campbell
    3 years ago · Reply

    Sarah, just look at it as an area to work on 😉 Adam Bronkhurst is good on flash, as is Damien Lovegrove.

Very cute! Although I’m not a wedding photographer it gives me an insight into your world and how much you need to do outside of actually taking those fabulous images. Thou rules!

    Fiona Campbell
    3 years ago · Reply

    Thank you! Yes, there’s a lot that goes in to it and it takes years to learn the craft properly.

Martina - Photostories
3 years ago · Reply

Hahaua, This is absolutely brilliant! And oooooh number 6, how true!

3 years ago · Reply

omg this is awesome!!!

Hahahaaa. This is a great blog post. SO true!

3 years ago · Reply

WOW! Great tips! I shot an Indian wedding last year and mistook one of the bridesmaids as the bride! I was so embarrassed!

3 years ago · Reply

haha, this is awesome!!! So very true!

Jamie Bodo
3 years ago · Reply

GREAT list!!! I always buy a full tank of gas the day BEFORE so I don’t forget or freak out!!!!

    Fiona Campbell
    3 years ago · Reply

    Jamie, good point! That is so going in there. Thank you!

amanda reid
3 years ago · Reply

What a great idea! I am not a photographer but its great insight!

Linda Kahle
3 years ago · Reply

Fun commandments! So much preparation is involved before you even begin shooting a wedding – I like that you’re giving us some insight to that 😉

Jete Devisser
3 years ago · Reply

BAHAHAHA!! These are perfect!!! And if you can actually read through the first century English, very informative as well 😉

Haha true say!

Haha true say! Well written Fi

Nathalie -ButtercupBus
3 years ago · Reply

Ha ha – there is so much planning and contingency that goes into every job! I bet there are a lot of photographers out there with horror stories and lessons learned!!!

Katharine Peachey
3 years ago · Reply

Spot on!

3 years ago · Reply

These are brilliant! I actually think I want to print this and frame it for our office!!

Erin Balfour
3 years ago · Reply

Great list!! You guys do so, so much!!

    11 months ago · Reply

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