A Very British Engagement but will it be a British Wedding?

Category : Photography, Wedding · (21) Comments September 16, 2014

Many of my clients prefer me to keep their wedding pictures private, which is completely understandable though I would love to share this beautiful engagement shoot with you in its entirety! I think however that they would not mind me sharing this shot, which makes me smile. K is Scottish and J is thoroughly English. The beautiful K grew up in the Highlands, and her adorable J (you’ll just have to take my word for the fact that he looks like a cross between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth!) in Hong Kong and Buckinghamshire. We created their engagement shoot in places that they love; around the RAC in Pall Mall, Westminster and Polesden Lacey. At one point I snapped this. Given the referendum on Thursday I thought it was rather poignant and couldn’t resist posting it. This lovely couple are very much hoping for a ‘No’ vote. Fingers crossed the Kingdom will still be united next year when they are married.

ps many of my clients prefer me not to blog their images, so it’s always worth coming for a viewing so that you can get a clearer idea of the breadth of my work.


(21) comments

Stephanie necessary
3 years ago · Reply

Lovely! I hope they get their wish and the Kingdom is still united as well!

3 years ago · Reply

Love this shot. Their love is united & I congratulate them!

That’s a great perspective and capture!

3 years ago · Reply

Love that suit jacket!

Laura Babb
3 years ago · Reply

Lovely shot. Here’s to a still United Kingdom.

amanda Reid
3 years ago · Reply

Lovely Shot!

Ray Urner
3 years ago · Reply

Great shot, I can only imagine how good the rest of them must be too….!

    11 months ago · Reply

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    10 months ago · Reply

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Jennifer Weems
3 years ago · Reply

beautiful shot.

    11 months ago · Reply

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Beautiful shot! Dying to see the rest of them – maybe I can take a sneak peak at Brides The Show 🙂

    3 years ago · Reply

    ha ha Karen – couldn’t possibly say but looking forward to seeing you x

Such a subtle and topical photo – united we stand!!! (And I am really pleased and proud that our Scottish friends are side by side with us).

    3 years ago · Reply

    Thank you Nathalie! Me too!

Whitney S
3 years ago · Reply

Such a lovely shot… Congrats to the couple 🙂

Meghan Fay
3 years ago · Reply

What a beautiful shot… and here’s to the UK!!!!

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