A Secret Wedding in Richmond

Category : Various · (7) Comments July 16, 2014

Alexandra really wanted a cool, sixties style dress for her wedding but she knew that her relatives would prefer something more traditional. The compromise? A First Look photoshoot AND a secret wedding! I was privileged to witness both. Yassir and Alexandra are an adorable couple and I have no doubt that they will have a wonderful life together. Their wedding flowers were created by Orchidya, who put together a spectacular ball of orchids for the first look and a more low key, toss-able bouquet for the wedding day itself. This was hilariously caught by the lovely Lisa, who appeared very unkeen to be the next in line. I loved getting to know Alexandra and Yassir. Russian Alexandra has a great sense of clarity and feels like a bit of a soulmate to me. And Iraqi Yassir is a true gentleman! Long life and happiness to you both.

The lovely Nina Bains did the make up for both occasions.

As ever, click on the thumbnails to view the images properly.


(7) comments

Genevieve ( Miss Gen )
3 years ago · Reply

How gorgeous! lovely work Fiona

3 years ago · Reply

Thanks Genevieve! It was a magical wedding.

I love that this couple created the wedding(s) that they truly wanted and found a compromise to suit themselves and their families… And you captured it all beautifully Fiona!

Jenny Owens
3 years ago · Reply

Beautiful! Glad they found a way to have the wedding they wanted and keep their families happy.

Sarah Lang
3 years ago · Reply

Both of those dresses are beautiful. Lovely photos.

3 years ago · Reply

Lovely. Very elegant. Both dresses are gorgeous.

Laura Babb
3 years ago · Reply

How lovely! I want to photograph a secret wedding.

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