Some Inspiration: Beauty, Brokenness, and Japanese Pottery

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Seeing Things

Have you ever been blindly in love? So blind that you only saw your lover’s best side? An idealised version of themselves that totally missed all their faults.

Japanese Pottery

I’ve been reading ‘How to be a free range human’ by Marianne Cantwell and loving it. She writes about how to create the career that you love, a subject close to my heart. She recently sent me this:

“When a prized ceramic bowl develops cracks, the cracks are filled with gold. Instead of throwing the piece out and saying “it’s not good enough anymore” (or just turning it to the wall and hoping no one notices) the cracks are highlighted. What’s more this process – called kintsugi – increases the worth of the item and make it into an even more valuable piece of art.

You see, in their eyes, the life of the bowl, and the lines in the process of its becoming, are part of its beauty and value.

The same is true for you.

In an airbrushed, glossified, image-managed world it can be easy to forget that the most successful (yet happy…), impactful and just all round lovely-people-to-be-with don’t buy into the perfect gloss image.

Instead they are the ones with the most glaring imperfections (yet we hardly see as imperfections any more because they have owned them rather than hidden in shame. Slid into their own skin and made ‘that thing’ a part of who they are, not something to hide).” – Marianne Cantwell

I believe that God (the Universe if you prefer)  looks at us and sees our beauty with great clarity and love. He sees our faults too, and challenges us on them, to help us become more beautiful. But above all He looks at us and just sees us as utterly wonderful, beautiful, funny people. He sees our potential and he sees our being – a being that He created.

Today, ask God to help you see yourself as He does. Get ready for an adventure!


My mother is a porcelain restorer. She painstakingly puts broken porcelain back together – sometimes when it has been shattered into 1000s of pieces. I think God restores us too.

She is so busy restoring all the porcelain of Oxfordshire that she hardly advertises. In fact, I think the people of Henley must throw it at each other, because she is endlessly busy. However, I’ve decided to put her on the web. Introducing my mother: Margaret Campbell, Porcelain Restorer, nr Henley-on-Thames. Enquiries 01491 638618. Say I sent you. Ring during office hours or risk the wrath of an artist. Prices start from about £35 I think.


(9) comments

Julie Skelton
4 years ago · Reply

This is SO beautiful Fiona. I think TV and the media have duped this generation into believing there is a ‘perfect’ human relationship to be had, somewhere – whereas, in reality, it’s when we’re gentle rather than judgmental with each other’s faults that we all benefit and bring each other strength. What a great thought to take forward in 2014!

    Fiona Campbell
    4 years ago · Reply

    Yes! Everyone has such potential for goodness and it’s better to focus on this. The Quakers call it appealing to the light in a person.

4 years ago · Reply

What a beautiful perspective to have and share. It’s as if you’ve turned a lamp on or shone a rainbow into a forgotten corner of my day.

I love how you blog. X

    Fiona Campbell
    4 years ago · Reply

    Aw! Claire, from such a wonderful blogger as you that is indeed a compliment and one I shall treasure. Wishing you a light-filled January xxx

Laura Babb
4 years ago · Reply

What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

    Fiona Campbell
    4 years ago · Reply

    I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it Laura xx

      11 months ago · Reply

      January 17, 2011 at 8:58 amAmit,I think as Scott pointed out, resisting it do;n#&s8217et really help. Sometimes we have to just let it be. I’ve struggled with writing new content lately although that might not be apparent to anybody who is reading. My morning routine of getting up in doing 20 minutes of writing is not working as it always has so I’ve stopped fighting it. But what I think is powerful is when we have nothing in front of us because it leaves us open to create. Reply

This blog post has just made me take time to pause and reflect – life gets so busy and sometimes it is important to take step back and look clearly at things. A lovely post. X

    Fiona Campbell
    4 years ago · Reply

    I am so glad. I’m not very good at taking the time to reflect, but I do think it’s so good for us. xxx

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