Personal Work: Flamingo Lake

Category : Various · (5) Comments November 18, 2013

So, I was a bit surprised when everyone went mad for my instagram snaps of flamingoes. And then a Californian singer starlet wanted prints for her house, which instagrams don’t really stretch to. Luckily the light held for three days, so I was able to go back and create this. And if you listen to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake while you’re looking at it you might find that the flamingoes start dancing. Try it. You can check out my instagram feed at

There are a limited edition set of these available to purchase as framed or mounted prints. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing either an individual image or one of a set.

Many thanks to London Zoo for letting me in after the last bell so that I could capture the flamingoes roosting. They were very curious about me and as you see they are eyeing me rather sternly.


(5) comments

Ann Claire
4 years ago · Reply

This looks amazing. Really gorgeous. Love the texture and the contrast in colors. I only see one here? Are there more or just this one? Xx

    Fiona Campbell
    4 years ago · Reply

    Hi Princess Ann Claire! There are 3, but I’m only showing one on my blog for copyright reasons. Are you looking for more than one? Portrait or Landscape?

Ann Claire
4 years ago · Reply

Looks amazing! I like the landscape look. I’d love to see all 3 and wonder if they would be great as a set in the landscape format. You have my private email! Fantastic work! I will put a link to it on my FB and Twitter soon as I get it!

4 years ago · Reply

Beautiful!!!! I love Flamingos, my favourite!

Ishari x

Laura {Babb Photo}
4 years ago · Reply

Everyone knows I love a flamingo. Beautiful.

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