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Did you know that the word Bride derives from the Medieval practice of knights calling their sweethearts after St Brigid? And another surprising fact, St Brigid is the patron saint of Creativity I’ve written before about the fascinating pagan and Christian origins of the word bride, but it does strike me as interesting that creativity and being a bride should be so linked – I think for many brides a wedding can be a wonderful chance to really explore your creativity and find yourself, particularly if you work in the professions and have never had the chance. My top tip? Only invite the people who love you and won’t judge you, and then you can take all the creative risks you want with your wedding!

Here is a blessing of St Brigid. I found this prayer very soothing, I hope you will too.It would make a good blessing for a bride setting out on the journey of her wedding, and for any creative artist, don’t you think?


Blessing of St Brigid:

May the power of Brigid inspire you

the grace of Brigid attend you

the flame of Brigid enliven you

the story of Brigid engage you,


May the God who provided her with all these gifts

provide them also to us

that we may go into the world

with her lavish generosity

and creative fire.



(4) comments

4 years ago · Reply

FAscinating little fact and I agree brides are very creative.

Inspirational stuff Fiona – great post! In fact I liked your quote about taking creative risks and only inviting those people who love you and won’t judge you so much, that I have added it to my ‘Top Tips for Brides’ page on Smashing The Glass:

Thank you!

    Fiona Campbell
    4 years ago · Reply

    Thanks Karen! I really love the idea that for some brides and grooms part of getting married is going on this massive journey of self discovery and expressing their creativity. That’s such a wonderful thing that we in the wedding industry can help with.

      11 months ago · Reply

      $225 ~ available at Mamxiillian gallery, email:   for purchase & delivery options. Ensure you specify the name of the piece you would like details on.  You can also go to:

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