Alexandra and Yaser’s First Look

Category : Various · (12) Comments October 3, 2013

Alexandra and Yaser met at university, and it was love. Alexandra comes from Russia, Yaser from Iraq, and their families couldn’t be at the wedding. By arranging a First Look photoshoot they were able to send poignant photos to their families and in that way include them in the ceremony.

If you don’t know what a First Look is, it’s a wonderfully romantic, fun way to celebrate that moment when you see each other for the first time at your wedding. It happens a few days or hours before the wedding and means that you take the pressure off your wedding day. It also frees you up to spend more time with family on the actual day. You can read more about First Look ceremonies here

Congratulations to the lovely couple!



(12) comments

Matthew Long
4 years ago · Reply

Lovely portraits Fiona.

Julie Skelton
4 years ago · Reply

Love the idea of a first look, and what a fab location as well. Beautifully captured and I ADORE the dress 🙂

Fiona Campbell
4 years ago · Reply

Thank you both! I’m so glad you like them. They were a lovely couple to photograph and it was a magical day. If you want more information about First Looks, I think Jasmine Star invented them. There is lots of stuff on her website about them;

    11 months ago · Reply

    Good to see a taenlt at work. I can’t match that.

    10 months ago · Reply

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Laura {Babb Photo}
4 years ago · Reply

I love a first look. Lovely work, Fiona.

Hugh Miller
4 years ago · Reply

Fantastic, warm photos Fiona

wow – what a great collection of images – tells the whole story.

Janhoi Anderson
4 years ago · Reply

Really would love to try this, great idea and beautiful images xxx

4 years ago · Reply

Stunning light and colours Fiona! Nice idea about the first look.

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