A portrait session in Islington with K – the girl who hates being in front of the camera!

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Everyone needs a dose of fabulousness now and then. K is a great friend of mine and generally she will put an umbrella in your camera if you point it at her. She’s used to directing from behind the camera, but she hates having her picture taken. A former TV Director for the BBC, she is now making a career change into  working in government. Intelligent, trustworthy and creative, I am heartened to know that she will be helping to run the country! She came to my studio in Islington and asked me to create some serious pictures that she could use for business and Linked In. I persuaded her to do a few playful ones too just for fun. What I loved most about this shoot was the way it gave K so much ease in front of the camera and generally within herself. The following week she turned up on my doorstep looking butterfly like; more confident in herself and more fabulous than I have ever seen her look before http://s514919216.websitehome.co.uk/2013/04/25/cherry-blossom-picnic/. This in a nutshell is what my work is about; showing beauty. It is at the core of all my wedding photography, portraiture and editorial. In this case, guiding K into poses that would flatter her and distract her so that she could relax in front of the camera. Showing K her own beauty. The magic worked.

The wonderful Jessica Summer Buckley was my partner in transformation and the make up artist.

Before and after:


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