The cat, the fox, the mouse – an update

Category : Various · No Comments March 1, 2013

So those of you who are aware that I was supposed to be doing a photoshoot today will be wondering what happened. And in fact it was cancelled. There was a traumatic incident involving a cat and a fox, just 20 minutes before the shoot was due to start! My make up artist’s cat was mauled. Mauled! He has a chunk missing from his nose and a very sore paw!

I expect my make up artists to be professional and I only cancel shoots in very extreme circumstances but I had to admit that she couldn’t very well leave it there to bleed alone at home. And 20 minutes is a bit short notice to find a new make up artist. I mean I have contacts, but that’s taking it a bit far! So regretfully I have rescheduled and cannot wait to photograph the lovely Sarra very soon. You will be pleased to hear that the cat is well and should soon be up and about again.

Meanwhile I am wondering if Puss would care to do a bit of hunting indoors – in my house specifically. This afternoon a mouse came creeping across my floor, suitcase in hand, clearly considering whether it might make its home amongst my belongings!  I know how Dick Whittington felt! Apparently just the scent of a cat is enough to keep the mice away. If only D wasn’t allergic…

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