Monet’s Garden at Dawn

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I’ve just put these up because I wanted to pin them in a mood board I’m creating on pinterest for a shoot. It’s so nice to be reminded of this trip.

We snuck in to Monet’s garden at dawn. We had applied for permission but it hadn’t come through, so we just rang the bell and the door opened! It was wonderful to be there alone. The light was just breaking, its burgeoning light revealing the myriad of colours. I was an assistant at the time, and these were taken on a tiny film camera between carrying John Glover’s equipment. We saw one gardener, and they nodded and went on their way. It was like being in a magic kingdom of flowers.











(1) Comment

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– Well, lots chimed in on this one!From an oitduser’s perspective: I think when a blogger has a more personal side (soft/internal), it actually adds more substantiative value to his/her posts on the more weighty topics. Anyway, I don’t really connect with views as much as I connect with the people who have them. I love the community and friendship that can be built through these connections! Blogging is different for everyone though. And I think there’s enough room in the blogosphere for all of us! I think it’s great to push the envelope in thinking about Irish blogs and why they are what they are Great thoughts, Claire!P.S. Claire Got your e-mail & I’ll be responding soon. That should keep you on the edge of your chair!

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