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I have struck the jackpot. My son’s father has volunteered to design the invitations for my son’s party. Oli is not only a very talented architect, but also one of those people (well actually the only one I’ve ever met) who breathes creativity with his hands. When he is not extending people’s houses, he is to be found bringing strange and fascinating designs into life as though he weren’t even trying. The other day he arrived up at the school gates with an entire geometric castle made entirely of sweets and marshmallows. It even had a little abacus made of those ring sweets. So I have high hopes of the invitations! Go get your architecture done by him now!

But if I weren’t able to draw on the power of Oli, I would be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the schmaltz I see in wedding invitation design. I like to keep abreast of events in the wedding industry so that I can make sure my wedding pictures are as beautiful and competitive as possible. Which is why I was rather excited to find who creates beautiful invitations. I like her engagement ring invitation, which is very original. She writes on her blog that an invitation creates a frisson of excitement before an event, something I hadn’t really thought about before, but how true. A little ‘save the date’ card for a wedding helps set the tone of the day and keep everyone excited, and there’s something amazing about receiving a nice heavy wedding invitation.

Alternatively, you could book an engagement shoot with me and use the images we create at the shoot for your wedding invitations. And when you book me to create your wedding pictures this is complimentary because it’s an excellent way to get to know you before the event so that we can make sure your wedding photography is as stunningly beautiful as can be.

(1) Comment

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I don’t think I have seen this said that way before. You really have made this so much clearer for me. Thank you!

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